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Getting started with Wikibase

Wikibase is the free and customizable knowledge base that drives Wikidata. It’s perfect for setting up open archives that serve GLAM institutions*, libraries and databases for scientists as well as anyone else working with large datasets. To make installing and setting up Wikibase easier, we’ve added a lot of new information on our Wikibase website to help users with the process.


Wikimedia Germany stands behind Black Lives Matter worldwide

The murder of George Floyd has caused shock and protests worldwide. Racism, discrimination and institutionalized violence are also major problems in Germany. Wikimedia Germany supports the Wikimedia Foundation's initiative on Black Lives Matter and is committed to justice and free access to information for all.


Tech for Good? Only with Open Data!

Many technological initiatives are currently being developed to deal with the Corona crisis. By using open data, the programs and Apps will be transparent and accessible to everyone. This ensures that citizens benefit from the innovations. One such knowledge platform with open data is Wikidata.


Wanted: Test Prototypes for Wikipedia and Wikidata

Wikimedia Deutschland not only supports the community of volunteers who are active on Wikipedia and its sister projects. The team software development also works to improve the technology behind the projects. You can now help to make it better.


Do you speak data? Wikidata as the Open Internet’s universal language

Languages are powerful instruments to create community, share knowledge and preserve heritage. Also in technology, language is important to store and share information, be it for education, on social platforms, or with voice assistants. Yet, some smaller languages are increasingly under threat of disappearing. That’s why Wikidata strives to promote linguistic diversity and multilingualism in the Wikimedia projects and beyond.


A Stage-Win for All of Us

Today, the European Parliament voted against a controversial draft Copyright Directive. Thrilling to the end, finally 328 against 278 with 31 abstentions. The road so far and what's still at stake.