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Get Ready for Wikimania 2021 – and Register NOW!

This year, the annual meeting of the Wikimedia community will take place online on August 13-17th 2021. The theme of the gathering will be 20 years of Wikipedia. The program consists of four tracks, the unconference and on-demand events. We collected some useful information for you.

Léa Lacroix

Elisabeth Giesemann

11. August 2021

If you plan to participate please don’t forget to register until Thursday, August 12 at 23:59 UTC. Yes, that’s before the conference. No, you can’t wait until you see an interesting talk on social media. Just do it now! 

If you really kept on reading but still are not sure if you want to attend, you can check the program here

Once you have registered and the conference has started, you’ll find on-demand videos here. 

Also, you can still propose sessions or projects for the hackathon or schedule a meeting at the unconference for the Free Knowledge topic close to your heart. 

We will be very happy to connect with you at one of the tables of the community village

Questions? You can find more information at the FAQ section and the Help desk

The organizing team worked tirelessly to create a digital event that resembles the great spirit of the past Wikimanias. We are over the moon to see you all again after this hard time and work on our projects together! 

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