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“The best experience of my life!”

From January to April 2019, Afek Ben Chahed, Wikimedian from Tunisia, accompanied us in organizing the Wikimedia Summit 2019, a conference where all Wikimedia organizations and groups gathered to discuss the ongoing Wikimedia Movement Strategy Process. Afek joined us as a so-called “Visiting Wikimedian”, which is an annual program where Wikimedia Deutschland invites Wikimedians from other Wikimedia organizations to work and learn with us to be able to apply these learnings later back home.


Wikimedia:Woche 29/2019

Hier kommt die Wikimedia:Woche 29/2019 mit einem Stellenangebot von Wikimedia Deutschland, einem TrainingsKit für Wikipedia-Einführungskurse und einer neuen Entwicklung bei der Klage gegen die Blockade am Europäischen Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte gegen die Sperrung von Wikipedia in der Türkei.

Europaflagge. CC0

Free Knowledge: Hard-won Impact at the European Level

Lobbying efforts for Free Knowledge are showing prominent effect in the EU copyright reform: Making digitised cultural heritage accessible will be safer in future, and in several places it has been possible to mitigate or eliminate expected negative side effects of the reform.


Data is the new groundwater!

Data debates usually only revolve around who can earn money with data and how. Unfortunately, that leaves out a lot of important questions for Free Knowledge: Who should benefit from public data and its processing? How can the protection and preservation of data be ensured? Much more needs to be said about the common good in data policy. We therefore propose a new data metaphor.

Jason Krüger for Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., Wikimedia Conference 2018, Group photo (2), CC BY-SA 4.0 (

Free Knowledge Worldwide: The Faces behind Wikimedia – Part 1

For many people, Free Knowlege is mostly synonymous with Wikipedia. Worldwide, tens of thousands of people, from volunteer communities to staff, work tirelessly to give even more people more access to more knowlege. At this year's Wikimedia Conference, the annual meeting of the Wikimedia Movement, we interviewed some of them about their commitment to Free Knowlege.


The countdown to WMCON 2018 is on!

The Wikimedia Conference is the annual meeting of all Wikimedia organizations to discuss the future of the Wikimedia movement. Now we're ready to share the first edition of a program full of varied and participative sessions: The preliminary program has been published on Meta.