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Wikidata all around the world

Lydia Pintscher

24. April 2013

(Die deutsche Version dieses Artikels ist hier)

Since one month 11 Wikipedias have the ability to include data from Wikidata in their articles. Two days ago English Wikipedia was added to that group. Today the remaining 274 are joining. Usage examples are in the last blog entry. There is also an FAQ for this deployment.

This is a huge step for Wikidata and at the same time also another beginning. It’s a huge step because from now on all Wikipedias are able to collect, curate and use data together. For example every Wikipedia can query the ID of a movie on the Internet Movie Database and use it in their article as soon as someone added it to Wikidata. At the same time it is a beginning because there is still a lot to do. Accessing the data has to be made easier. More data has to be added to Wikidata (and translated where necessary). More sources have to be added to existing claims. More data types need to be made available – for example geocoordinates and time. Your help and your Feedback is very welcome and important there.

We’re looking forward to the next steps!


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  2. Elaine B. Coleman
    25. April 2013 at 16:16

    That’s fantastic news. Thanks for posting. smiles…Elaine

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