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24 Hours of Open Data – The Wikidata Birthday Meetup

Wikidata celebrated its 8th birthday, and as every year the decentralized birthday celebrations brought together a community from all around the globe. This year, the community experimented with a new format: a 24 hours-long online call with different workshops and talks.


Wikidata turns eight – An interview with Lydia Pintscher

Happy Birthday, Wikidata! The open knowledge base is turning eight. Since it came into being, the project developed by Wikimedia Deutschland in intensive collaboration with an international community has made enormous progress. In the following interview, Lydia Pintscher, Wikidata product manager, talks about Wikidata’s beginnings, milestones and plans for the future.


OPEN!NEXT creates new standard for open hardware

OPEN!NEXT is a research project funded by the European Union that researches and promotes open hardware. It is intended to help users and companies to create hardware collaboratively and on the basis of open standards. Wikimedia Deutschland is one of the project partners.


ProWD: Detecting Knowledge Imbalances on Wikidata

The Wikidata community strives to improve the quality of its data and to balance its coverage. The application ProWD is a tool that detects data gaps and imbalances in Wikidata. In the following interview, Nadyah Hani and Refo Ilmiya, who worked on the tool as their final thesis in computer science, explain how ProWD fills the gaps.


Getting started with Wikibase

Wikibase is the free and customizable knowledge base that drives Wikidata. It’s perfect for setting up open archives that serve GLAM institutions*, libraries and databases for scientists as well as anyone else working with large datasets. To make installing and setting up Wikibase easier, we’ve added a lot of new information on our Wikibase website to help users with the process.


Wanted: Test Prototypes for Wikipedia and Wikidata

Wikimedia Deutschland not only supports the community of volunteers who are active on Wikipedia and its sister projects. The team software development also works to improve the technology behind the projects. You can now help to make it better.


Could you wikify an authority file? Wikibase has been evaluated for the Integrated Authority File (GND)

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. and the German National Library (DNB) have jointly evaluated the suitability of Wikibase as software for the Integrated Authority File (GND) in recent months. The proof of concept examines whether Wikibase – the software behind Wikidata – would simplify collaboration with libraries and various communities. Barbara Fischer, liaison counsel at the Office for Library Standards (AfS) der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek and Jens Ohlig of Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. present the results in a discussion:


Do you speak data? Wikidata as the Open Internet’s universal language

Languages are powerful instruments to create community, share knowledge and preserve heritage. Also in technology, language is important to store and share information, be it for education, on social platforms, or with voice assistants. Yet, some smaller languages are increasingly under threat of disappearing. That’s why Wikidata strives to promote linguistic diversity and multilingualism in the Wikimedia projects and beyond.


New testing ground for Wikibase: A federal agency goes on an expedition in the Wiki universe

The German National Library and Wikimedia Deutschland are breaking new ground together. For years, Wikipedia volunteers have helped to link entries of the German national bibliography with Wikipedia entries and to correct mistakes. The two institutions have now agreed to jointly test the potential of Wikibase, the software used to run the free database Wikidata, for use in the largest standards database for cultural data in German-speaking countries, the Integrated Authority File (Gemeinsame Normdatei, GND).