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Lydia Pintscher

27. March 2013

(Die deutsche Version dieses Beitrags gibt es hier.)

Today the first 11 Wikipedias got the ability to include data from Wikidata in their articles. These are the Italian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and Serbo-Croatian Wikipedias. If you are curious you can also try it out on test2.wikipedia.org. This means the editors on these Wikipedias are now able to make use of the growing amount of structured data that is available in Wikidata as a common dataset. It includes things like conservation status for a species, ISBN for a book or the top level domain of a country.

There are two ways to access the data:

  • Use a parser function like {{#property:p169}} in the wiki text of the article on Yahoo!. This will return “Marissa Mayer” as she is the chief executive officer of the company.
  • For more complicated things you can use Lua. The documentation for this is here.

We are working on expanding the parser function so you can for example use {{#property:chief executive officer}} instead of {{#property:p169}}. The complete plan for this is here.

The next step is the deployment on the other Wikipedias. We will carefully monitor performance and if there are no issues they will follow within a week or two.

We have prepared an FAQ for this deployment and are looking forward to your testing and feedback. The best place to leave feedback is this discussion page.

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