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Software product management as an internship: Learning about the real world at Wikimedia Deutschland

German summary: Glorian Yapinus aus Indonesien hat gerade sechs Monate Praktikum in der Software-Entwicklung bei Wikimedia Deutschland hinter sich. Hauptsächlich arbeitete er mit Lydia Pintscher zusammen, der Produktmanagerin von Wikidata. Seine Motivation war es, Produktmanagement mit praktischen Erfahrungen in einem realen Projekt zu lernen. Wir haben ihn zum Ende seines Praktikums zu seinen Erfahrungen befragt. Das Interview fand auf Englisch statt, der Sprache, die Glorian auch in der täglichen Arbeit bei Wikimedia Deutschland benutzte.

Glorian Yapinus just spent 6 months at Wikimedia Deutschland as an intern in the software development department. Working together with Lydia Pintscher, the product manager of Wikidata, he was driven by his wish to work on a real world project. This is his story.

Hi, Glorian. Tell us a bit about your background. Where are you from, what do you study?

Hi :)
I come from Indonesia, a beautiful island country located in Southeast Asia. I love building things. As time went by, I discovered that apart from loving to build things, I am also drawn to technology. This is the reason why I did my Bachelor study in Information Technology (IT). Back then, I wished that through this study, I could learn how to develop cool games and applications.

However, it turned out, I got hooked on a subject called software product management. Software product management is an area in IT which encompasses most aspects in software development ranging from researching user requirements to translating those requirements into new software.

Because I wanted to develop my knowledge and skills in software product management, I decided to come to Germany in order to pursue a Master degree in Software Engineering and Management at Heilbronn University. In this Master study, I learned about a different facet of IT which I did not learn during my Bachelor study, that is, how to manage software projects. Arguably, project management is an integral part of software product management and a must skill for software product managers.

At some point during the study, I realized I have to get my hands wet on software product management. In other words, I was looking for a practical experience in software product management, in order to complement what I have learned in the university. Afterwards, I found the product management intern vacancy in Wikimedia Deutschland. I tried to go for this opportunity and I got the internship. That was how I wound up here.

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Internship at Wikimedia Deutschland e. V.

Wie es ist, bei Wikimedia Deutschland im Bereich Software Entwicklung Praktikant zu sein, erzählt uns Andrew Pekarek-Kostka in diesem Gastbeitrag auf Englisch. Andrew berichtet über seine Vorstellungen vor dem Praktikum, der Arbeitsatmosphäre, wie er sich an unsere Prozesse der agilen Softwareentwicklung angepasst hat und an welchen Wikiprojekten er arbeitete.

First Impression

Sandra Müllrick, „WMDE Softwareentwicklung2“, CC BY-SA 4.0

Before starting at Wikimedia Deutschland e. V., being a 17-year old with no previous work experience, I was under the impression that working for such a big organization would be similar to the way a typical work day was portrayed in the famed 90s movie “Office Space”: boring, dull, and uninteresting. However, when I walked into the office for the first time the contrast between the rather dark and grim weather in Berlin and the ecstatic attitude of the office was huge. The overall working atmosphere is welcoming and spirited with a perfect balance of fun and professionalism. It was a positive opposite of what I was expecting.


My Welcome

My first few days at Wikimedia were spent going through a process called “onboarding” which enabled me to get ready for my following 7 weeks. This consisted of prepping my machine, my software, and getting all my accounts setup along with a quick tour which gave me the opportunity to briefly meet most of my colleagues from all departments. If I had any questions or needs, I always knew I could ask one of my colleagues for assistance. Following the setup came a series of meetings through which I gained valuable insight into the various different departments and simultaneously meet the many interesting people who, together make Wikimedia Deutschland possible.

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