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(Die deutsche Version dieses Beitrags ist hier .) In early 2010 I met Denny and Markus for the first time in …

  • Lydia Pintscher
  • 1. October 2013

(Die deutsche Version dieses Beitrags ist hier.)

In early 2010 I met Denny and Markus for the first time in a small room at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to talk about Semantic MediaWiki, its development and its community. I was intrigued by the idea they’d been pushing for since 2005 – bringing structured data to Wikipedia. So when the time came to assemble the team for the development of Wikidata and Denny approached me to do community communications for it there was no way I could have said no. The project sounded amazing and the timing was perfect since I was about to finish my studies of computer science. In the one and a half years since then we have achieved something amazing. We’ve built a great technical base for Wikidata and much more importantly we’ve built an amazing community around it. We’ve built the foundation for something extraordinary. On a personal level I could never have dreamed where this one meeting in a small room in Karlsruhe has taken me now.

From now on I will be taking over product ownership of Wikidata as its product manager.

Up until today we’ve built the foundation for something extraordinary. But at the same time there are still a lot of things that need to be worked on by all of us together. The areas that we need to focus on now are:

These are crucial for Wikidata to have the impact we all want it to have. And we will all need to work on those – both in the development team and in the rest of the Wikidata community.

Let’s make Wikidata a joy to use and get it used in places and ways we can’t even imagine yet.

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