1. WikidataCon 2017

    WikidataCon, the first conference dedicated to the Wikidata community took place in Berlin on October 28th and 29th. How to summarize this event? It was a huge success, both from the point of view of the community and the organization team, and we hope that you enjoyed the event as much as we did. … Weiterlesen

  2. Data Partnerships in Wikidata: Project Durchblick

    English version … Weiterlesen

  3. Data Partnerships with Wikidata: beaTunes

    An interview with Hendrik Schreiber of beaTunes about how to use Wikidata in a commercial software product. … Weiterlesen

  4. Internship at Wikimedia Deutschland e. V.

  5. Visualizing history with automated event maps

  6. Using Wikidata to Improve the Medical Content on Wikipedia

  7. Improving data quality on Wikidata – checking what we have

  8. Platypus, a speaking interface for Wikidata

  9. Asking Ever Bigger Questions with Wikidata

  10. Scaling Wikidata: success means making the pie bigger