May, 2018

  1. UNESCO calls for participation: Recommendations on Open Educational Resources

    Kostas Kokkinos from Athens, Greece (, „Words on a Wall“,

    Until June 1st 2018, UNESCO invites you to comment on its first draft recommendation to its member states on Open Educational Resources online. Why we are involved and why it matters. … Weiterlesen

  2. Free Knowledge Worldwide: The Faces behind Wikimedia – Part 1

    Jason Krüger for Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., Wikimedia Conference 2018, Group photo (2), CC BY-SA 4.0 (

    For many people, Free Knowlege is mostly synonymous with Wikipedia. Worldwide, tens of thousands of people, from volunteer communities to staff, work tirelessly to give even more people more access to more knowlege. At this year’s Wikimedia Conference, the annual meeting of the Wikimedia Movement, we interviewed some of them about their commitment to Free Knowlege.  … Weiterlesen