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  1. New testing ground for Wikibase: A federal agency goes on an expedition in the Wiki universe


    The German National Library and Wikimedia Deutschland are breaking new ground together. For years, Wikipedia volunteers have helped to link entries of the German national bibliography with Wikipedia entries and to correct mistakes. The two institutions have now agreed to jointly test the potential of Wikibase, the software used to run the free database Wikidata, for use in the largest standards da … Weiterlesen

  2. Free Knowledge: Hard-won Impact at the European Level

    Europaflagge. CC0

    Lobbying efforts for Free Knowledge are showing prominent effect in the EU copyright reform: Making digitised cultural heritage accessible will be safer in future, and in several places it has been possible to mitigate or eliminate expected negative side effects of the reform. … Weiterlesen

  3. Using Wikidata to Improve the Medical Content on Wikipedia

  4. A categorical imperative?