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Inside out on Wikimania

I pull out a large cardboard box from under our table in the community village, it is pretty smashed up after its transatlantic journey. Drums start pounding in the conference hall while I put out cups, brochures and t-shirts.

“Hello”, a friendly and careful-looking man stands next to the table, “so you are from Wikimedia Deutschland”, he states.

“Yes, I just started working in the International Relations team a month ago, and here I am, at Wikimania”, I look at his name tag: Magnus Manske, Cambridge… erh, something.

“Are you part of the German community then, or the British?”, I ask. – It is Friday morning, first official day of Wikimania 2017 in Montréal, and I have a steep learning curve in front of me.

To be fair, I started ascending the curve at sea level approximately a month ago when I slowly started wrapping my head around Wikimedia Deutschland: it is a pretty complex organisation, I thought. The slope then started tilting upwards when I spent Thursday on the pre-conference following the WMCON Follow-up day, taking notes. My pencil (yes, pencil) was struggling to keep up with every single word and empty space from those meetings and thus began sketching the first pieces in my Wikimania puzzle:

From organising local volunteer meetups, literature and software access for local Wikipedians; over strategic partnerships with Mozilla, research institutions and government bodies; to how to best facilitate cultural translation in order to get messages across a global movement – while including local communities in the process.

Presently, this Friday morning, someone asks a question and I turn my attention away from the friendly gentleman, Magnus. The next time I see him he is on stage being interviewed for the Wikimedia 2030 Panel, as ‘The Magnus’.

Gregory Varnum / Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimania 2017 – Day 1 (8887), CC BY-SA 4.0


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